Layout and Excavation

The Excavation of your swimming pool is started shortly after signing a contract. Your pool is marked for excavation according to the size and shape you selected and the ”Dig” is begun. Oasis Pools will excavation your pool using a back hole. The position of your pool and its excavation are of the most important parts of the construction process. Everything must be precise. Walls must be tapered properly in order to insure a good contour of the pool.


Steel bars, called re-bar, are used to strengthen and reinforce your pool. Oasis Pools uses 1/2 inch-bar, pieced on 8-10 inch centers throughout your pool. All of the steel is then blocked up 3 inches to insure that it will be in the center of the gunite. The beams of your pool must be able to withstand pressure from both the water and the soil. Because of this, Oasis Pools adds extra reinforcement in the walls to ensure strength. This is done by placing 1/2 inch re-bar in the beam while stirrups are placed 3-4 feet apart and allowed to extend out of the beam. These stirrups will later be used to attach to the deck steel.

Oasis Pools uses only U.S. manufactured, grade 40, 1/2” re-bar.


The concrete that is used by Oasis Pools to construct your pool structure is commonly called gunite. Gunite is a mixture of hydrated cement and sand pneumatically applied over and under a grid of reinforcing steel rods (re-bar) directly against the soil. The mix is very dry and is “shot” from a nozzle under high pressure to form a one-piece shell that is considered stronger than any other type of concrete. This is why Oasis Pools backs every pool shell with a lifetime structural warranty.


The ability to efficiently remove water from your pool, filter it, and return it to the pool is very important. Our plumbing process is done in the most efficient manor using the highest quality products which exceed the required standards. Our system is “balanced” and designed to produce maximum performance and safety.

The following highlights some of the standard features found in Oasis Pools:

  • Install Two (2) skimmers on all pool over 350 square feet, instead of one, for more effective turnover and filtration of pool water.
  • Each skimmer is plumbed separately, rather than together in series, to ensure a balanced suction and efficient turnover of pool water.
  • We use 2-inch pipes versus the standard 1 1/2 inch pipe on the suction side to plumb both the pool and the spa, which gives a balanced entry, equalizing the pressure, and increasing over all activity. The air pump is also plumbed with 2-inch pipe.
  • Fill-lines are installed for the ease of adding water to your pool. (If available)
  • Overflow lines are standard features, which keep your water level constant, eliminating the need to pump down your pool following a rain.

When the plumbing job is completed, we pressurize the system to ensure there are no leaks prior to the continuation of the construction process.

Tile and Coping

Decorative tile is placed around the perimeter of each pool and, as you would expect, there are different qualities of tile. The placing of tile around your pool is a unique process and, when done properly, takes a full day. In addition, we place spot tiles on all steps, benches and love seats to ensure safety and create a more custom appearance. The final result is that your tile is applied in the proper and most effective manner, ensuring long life and durability.

One of the most important aspects of the construction of your pool is the installation of the decorative trim. If it is not done correctly, trim work will not provide you with the functional and aesthetic quality of a truly fine pool.

The following describes the techniques used by Oasis Pools:
  • Stone: Only top quality stone is used. Each stone is individually trimmed and set on a twelve-inch footing or on the edge of the deck for support. The joint between each stone is then smoothed, giving it a more defined appearance.

  • Brick: Only top-quality brick are used and each joint is mitered so that every brick comes together in the desired manor.


Since your pool will become the focus for outdoor activities and entertainment, you should consider including enough space around your pool for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Oasis Pools recommends decking around all pools, with the exception of naturalistic pools, and includes four (4) feet of deck on all sides of the pool, unless otherwise specified. However, additional decking should be seriously considered. For complete comfort, sitters, loungers, and sunbathers need a minimum space of about 3-feet by 6-feet each. For a table and four chairs, you will want an area measuring at least 10-feet by 10-feet.

One rule of thumb states that the area for poolside activities should be at least equal to the area of the pool. For example, a 20 X 40 foot pool (800 square feet) should have a minimum deck area of 800 square feet.

The installation of your decks around your swimming pool is a critical phase of the final construction process. If the decks are not constructed properly, problems such as poor drainage, cracking or setting can occur. Prior to pouring concrete, which provides the base for the finished deck, forms are set, reinforcing steel is tied and cushion sand is added. This gives you a solid foundation in which to pour your decks and will minimize shifting, reducing the chances of cracking in the long term.

Potential drainage problems are recognized in advance and taken into account during the construction phase to ensure all water is effectively dispensed. Oasis Pools will strive to construct your decks free of any imperfections.

The following are some types of deck surfaces available:
  • Washed Aggregate:Small pea size gravel mixed into the concrete prior to pouring and, at the proper time, washed to expose the gravel.

    Advantages: Surface is attractive and durable
    Disadvantages: Surface becomes hotter in the sunshine.

  • Kool Deck:This unique and different surface is bonded to gray concrete and is applied using a special technique requiring significant skill and attention to detail.

    Advantages: Surface is cool and is available in different colors.
    Disadvantages: Possibility of staining and could chip if something heavy is dropped on it.

  • Flagstone:This random stone deck is available in several different colors and applied over a brushed concrete deck base give a beautiful, more natural look to the pool environment.

    Advantages: A natural look for added aesthetic value.
    Disadvantages: Most expensive type of deck. Some of the darker colors absorb heat. Many of the irregular, uneven stones sometimes create small water puddles following a rain or hosing.


We make every attempt to select the very best equipment available, based on its reliability any maintenance-free operation. The following highlights the equipment utilized by Oasis Pools in our pools and spas.
  • Hayward Skimmers-Proven to be the most efficient and trouble-free skimmer of its type on the market today.
  • Hayward Super II Pumps-Top-of-the-line swimming pool/spa pump, which is unsurpassed in performance, efficiency and service life.
  • Master Temp Gas Heater-Combines high efficiency with a unique, lower compact design that requires less equipment space. Comes standard with bronze heater headers and stainless steal burners in addition to the electronic ignition, which eliminates the energy waste of a standing pilot light.
  • Hayward Sand Filter-Sand filters are the second most efficient type of filters used in the pool industry today.
  • Hayward De Filters-Diatomaceous Earth Filters are the most efficient type of filter used in the pool industry today.
  • Rainbow Automatic Chlorinator- Provides safe, dependable automatic chlorination for your pool.
  • Polaris Pool Cleaner-A highly rated automatic pool cleaner, delivering a sparkling clean pool.
  • Polaris Air Pump (spa only)-Proven year after year to be the quietest and best performer on the market.
  • Intermatic Time Clocks-The 2-in-1 time switch provides automatic operation of your pool pump and pool cleaner, if applicable.


The most common finish used on gunite pools is plaster and is the final step to complete your pool. Plaster gives the pool a smooth waterproof finish and provides a non-skid walking surface on the bottom of the pool.

Though most pools are finished in white plaster, a mixture of white cement and white marble dust, other colors are increasing in popularity and are available at additional cost.

Upon completion of the plaster, your pool is filled immediately in order for the plaster to cure underwater. Shortly thereafter, your pools is ready for use, providing many years of pleasure and enjoyment.


Oasis Pools is committed to deliver the most active spa available; therefore, we place special emphasis on the construction process. Both suction and return water lines of Oasis Pool spas are plumbed with 2-inch, schedule 40 pipes, providing the greatest flow possible. Air may also be forced through a 2-inch pipe to the spa by 2-horsepower air pump designed specifically for the spa/hot tub industry. In addition, Oasis Pools utilizes Hydro Jets in the spa wall, which combines air and water at the nozzle creating exceptional activity on the surface of the water. Two drains are installed in the floor of the spa for safety.

The following is a list of additional equipment used with the optional features:

  • Insulated 2-hp air pump with remote air switch for ”push button” control.
  • Heater capable of heating the spa in 15 minutes in the summer and 1 hour in the winter.
  • 250-watt underwater light with colored lens.
  • Tiled spill way.
  • Optional booster pump additional Hydro-Jets.


The building of your swimming pool can, and should, be an exciting period for you and your family. Oasis Pools is committed to personally supervising the construction process ensuring it is a pleasant experience completed in the shortest period of time possible. However, there are certain uncontrollable conditions that can affect the construction process. The weather is one such condition: For example, one day of rain can lose up to three days of work for our crews. Another uncontrollable condition is equipment breakdowns. We, therefore, ask for your patience during the construction process as we are truly on your side. Our goal is to complete your pool as quickly as possible with most pools requiring 4-6 weeks construction time.

The purchase of a swimming pool is major investment that will add significant value to your home and provide unlimited hours of pleasure and excitement if properly constructed. As a suggestion, we encourage you to compare the exceptional quality of an Oasis Pool to other builders in South Texas and Corpus Christi areas. We are confident you will clearly see the difference that gives Oasis Pools a distinctive “Touch of Class”.